KakaoTalk PC Register

KakaoTalk PC Register - Many KakaoTalk chat application users do not know how to register on the application, so they are can not use KakaoTalk apps although it has been installed on the computer.

KakaoTalk PC Register

When you have downloaded and installed the app KakaoTalk in PC. You need to Kakaotalk PC register in order to be used; open the application, and then you will be prompted to enter your phone number so KakaoTalk can send a verification code via SMS to activate the application. And make sure that the phone number has not been used to perform KakaoTalk register with others devices.

You need to consider when doing KakaoTalk PC registers is you should know that the app requires an internet connection to run. (Kakaotalk)


  1. I have installed kakaotalk for pc on my computer already but the kakaotalk pc register does not appear when i open the app as you say it would. Only the log in page opens, therefore I still couldn't use kakaotalk.

  2. How can i register in kakaotalk without the the smart phone.I like to register in my pc..??

  3. Me too, there is no prompt about getting the phone number

  4. Replies
    1. I can't sign up with my computer
      how you did?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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